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Dental Mouth Guards

Mouth-guards are essential for athletes to protect their teeth from injuries during harmful impacts whilst playing sport. However, mouth guards extend to many other essential uses. It is preferred to use a custom-made mouth-guard if you snore, grind your teeth, or have sleep disorder (apnea). Mouth guards can provide an excellent solution for all of these problems if designed and moulded specifically to purpose.

Digital Idea Lab offers a Custom-made mouth-guard for all of our patient’s needs. In addition, coloured mouth-guards can also be provided. A mould of the teeth will be taken and used to create the mouth-guard precisely for the structure of the patients teeth and mouth.

Custom-made mouth-guards provided by Digital Idea Lab are a much better fit than a typical mouth-guard, which makes them more comfortable and harder to accidentally move out of place while sleeping or playing sports. They must be accurately fitted to the patient in order to obtain supreme protection for their teeth.

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