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Dental Implants 

Digital Idea Lab offers comprehensive implant treatments, including Surgical Guide, Dental Implants, Removable Denture, Digital planning, and Other custom CAD/CAM implant products.

With the establishment of Implant technology, our Digital Idea CAD/CAM Department uses the latest dental technologies such as CNC milling machines and 3D printers. Which will deliver excellent restorations, optimal implant placement and decreases manufacturing time and costs. We pride ourselves on using the most advanced techniques and materials that ensure consistency and reliability of implant therapy.   

Choosing the right implant treatments is vital, as there are a variety of shapes, sizes, materials of dental implants and many surgical techniques. Therefore, our experienced Digital Idea team is committed to discuss closely and in-depth any case with you to enable making the right treatment choices and achieve patient satisfaction.    

Digital Idea Lab always produce excellent looking and enduring restorations in digital and conventional fabrications for Implant treatment.

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